Flexi Blanket Bars

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The SHOOT BABY! Flexi Blanket Bars are a fantastic solution for stretching out the sides of your blanket to create smooth, wrinkle-free surfaces and to extend the background in your images. The Flexi Blanket Bars are like strong snakes that clamp onto your Blanket/Backdrop Stand (any brand). The lower end of the 'snakes' screw into a metal base, that keeps them secure on the floor. 

This is an original SHOOT BABY! product which will save you hours in post production (cloning/fading/digitally smoothing your blankets). Bars are approximately 165cm/65" in length and you can set them up as wide or narrow as you like (depending on your blanket width). Sold as a set of 2 and Carry Bag is included.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, current stock of the Flexi Blanket Bars are squeaky (whilst moving/bending/setting up). The functionality of the bars is not affected. We recommend using white noise (or the Baby Shusher) in any newborn session. Doing so will also muffle any squeakiness of the Flexi Blanket Bars. The price has been reduced to compensate for this.


Great product!

Honestly - I have to say, if I had not got such a glowing review from Erin in a private forum we are in together (LOL - so I know it was honest!) I would not have believed this thing works as well as it does - it just doesn't seem possible that it will maintain its shape and also not tip over. I haven't gotten a chance to use it in a session but I have set it up several times. I have to say, I think this is a must for anyone who shoots on location and even for myself with a studio. It pops up and down with ease and I just pushed the stretched out poles into a corner and they stood upright on their bases. What could be easier. Great product.

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Flexi Blanket Bars

Flexi Blanket Bars