StandInBaby™ Hire


Deposit only

1,100.00 AUD


Rental rate is $25 AUD per day.

A deposit of $1100 AUD is required to rent StandInBaby™ (SIB™). This is for insurance purposes and protects us if someone damages, or doesn't return, SIB. 

Upon return of SIB, you will be refunded the remainder of your deposit. For example, if you have SIB for 5 days, your rental total will be $125. We will refund you $975 which is $1100 minus $125.  A common way to fund the deposit of SIB, is to use a credit card and to return SIB (and receive your refund) before your credit card's interest free period has expired. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information.

Become a wrapping ninja and a master of light!

StandInBaby is the world’s first, fully articulated, lifelike and camera ready posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers. It introduces a new level of safety and education practices never seen before in the Newborn Photography Industry. StandInBaby significantly accelerates learning, opens creativity and adds strength to your natural abilities, all while keeping infant safety at the forefront.

StandInBaby was developed to match an average sized newborn baby. SIB is 50cm in length and has a simulated weight of 7lbs with all the weight distributed in the right areas. The head holds a large portion of SIB’s entire weight and has a diameter of 36cm just like a true to life newborn. 

StandInBaby is made from BPA free, non toxic, fire-resistant and washable/hygienic material. SIB is perfect for beginners right through to advanced photographers. It is also incredibly useful for educators in the newborn photography industry.

Here are just some of the ways in which SIB can be used:

* Test props and their posing possibilities
* Learn new infant wrapping techniques
* Illustrate complex newborn poses to your clients and their children
* Introduce SIB to nervous or anxious older children before attempting poses with the newest edition to their family
* Design new composite posing solutions in Photoshop
* Master or experiment with new lighting techniques
* Ensure elderly clients are capable of particular poses prior to shooting (especially in cases of Arthritis and joint problems)
* Incorporate SIB into your workshops and online tutorials to illustrate each step of the process more clearly

Comes with heavy duty protective case for superior protection during transport and storage. 

Photo of StandInBaby™ by Missed Moments Photography


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StandInBaby™ Hire

StandInBaby™ Hire