Newborn Posing Beanbag

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A key ingredient in creating beautiful newborn portraits is the ‘platform’ on which you pose baby. Our award-winning Ottoman Posing beanbag is well known and trusted in the newborn photography industry. It is used by many renowned studios including Erin Elizabeth Photography, Kristen Cook | Photographer and Newborn Photography By Jade

Made from a lovely soft faux leather, the SHOOT BABY! Beanbag is very convenient for cleaning up little 'accidents'. With it's large, flat, impressionable surface area, it provides the perfect 'canvas' on which to pose baby. The beanbag features 2 anti-burst inner bags for the polystyrene beans (beans not included). This allows the photographer to have a softer posing surface (large inner bag inserted only) or a firmer surface (both inner bags inserted). This is useful for different poses.

Recommended polystyrene bean fill*
350 Litres/12.25 Cubic Feet

Size (when filled):
100cm/40" diameter and approximately 45cm/18" tall

*Polystyrene beans can generally be found at your local Target, Kmart, Big W, etc.


All round perfect posing prop

I've been working with a SHOOT BABY beanbag exclusively for the last two years and have been nothing but impressed with the product and versatility it's allowed in my posing. The SHOOT BABY ottoman is a well made, sturdy and safe posing surface that's adaptable, flexible and an all round perfect posing prop for advanced newborn posing.

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Newborn Posing Beanbag

Newborn Posing Beanbag