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Mixing and Matching Colours - Newborn Photography Props

Sometimes I get emails from customers asking if I can help them with their product selection... particularly regarding what colours work well together. I enjoy helping people with this and thought it would be useful to write a blog post about the subject. This will serve as a guide for anyone looking for tips on mixing and matching newborn photography wraps, backdrops, etc.

To make items ‘go together’, for an aesthetically pleasing image, here's a few approaches you can take:

1) Matching colours
2) Monochrome colours (varying shades of only one colour, e.g. light grey and dark grey)
3) Complementary colours (using colours opposite each other on the Colour Wheel)

Let's discuss each of these in a bit more detail...

1) Matching Colours

As the heading suggests, this involves using props that are the exact same colour (and shade) as each other. This popular styling technique is probably the most popular one used by professional newborn photographers. With this method, the baby really becomes the star of the show, whilst the accessories kind of take back stage. Using matching coloured props will compliment baby rather than compete with them for the viewer's attention.

2) Monochrome Colours

Using monochrome colours means using the same colour in varying shades (light, medium, dark and all shades between these). This is similar to Method 1 but adds a little more interest to the photo, without taking away too much focus from baby.

monochrome colours

3) Complementary Colours

Complementary Colours are those colours opposite each other on the Colour Wheel, for example Pink and Turquoise or Blue and Orange. This method is probably more common in Family Photography but can still be used in Newborn Photography with beautiful results.

 complementary colours

Special mention for...

Neutral Colours

Neutral Colours of Beige, Grey and White are very popular in newborn photography... for good reason! They are very 'safe' colours to use with newborns and some newborn photographers specialise in ONLY using Neutral Colours (Bethney Backhaus is a favourite photographer of mine that comes to mind). All 3 of these colours are considered 'gender neutral' and White goes with any colour! 

When choosing a White fabric, usually it's best to choose a 'warm white', not a cool white, as it's more flattering on skin. When choosing Grey, try to make sure all the colours you use or either 'all warm', 'all cool' or 'all neutral'. If you mix these up the result can sometimes look a little 'off' e.g. a Warm Grey backdrop/blanket used with a Cool Grey wrap.


shades of greyImage Above (from left to right): Warm, Neutral and Cool grey 



Below are some photos by Erin Tole from Erin Tole Photography. I consider Erin to be one of the best newborn photographers and stylists in the industry. She also sells a wonderful newborn wrapping video called 'Wrap Like a Pro'

Method 1 - Matching Colours:

Erin Tole PhotographyAbove photo by Erin Tole Photography

Erin Tole newborn stylingAbove photo by Erin Tole Photography


Method 2 - Monochrome Colours: 

erin tole newborn photographyAbove photo by Erin Tole Photography

erin tole newborn potato sackAbove photo by Erin Tole Photography

Erin Tole Photography Wrap Like A ProAbove photo by Erin Tole Photography

Til next time,

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