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Stretch Wraps and Beanbag Fabric Backdrops - NEW PRODUCTS!

***UPDATE: Now available in the USA Store***


I'm thrilled to announce that we will have 2 new products hitting our USA shelves in January 2019 (UK and Australian stock coming soon!) I have taken my time to source the best fabric in a range of beautiful colours (see image below) for newborn photography. This fabric makes the perfect seamless beanbag backdrop AND and stretch wrap for baby! With these products, you'll be able to colour match your backdrop and wrap exactly (or create an ombre effect).... no more guessing or hoping that it matches your existing product/s! The Backdrops will be 200cm x 170cm in size and the Stretch Wraps will be 35cm x 170cm in size. Here's some other important info:

~Not too thick, not too thin
~Stretchy (of course!)
~Plain texture
~Easy care (machine wash, tumble dry)
~Wide range of 31 beautiful colours that are well suited for newborns/newborn photography

The expected price will be around $28USD for the Backdrop and $10USD for the Stretch Wrap.



beanbag fabric stretch wraps newborn photography

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