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They're here! Stretchy Beanbag Fabric and matching Newborn Photography Wraps!

Hello everyone!

So this week was exciting as we welcomed our new Jersey Backdrops and MATCHING Stretch Wraps into the UK and Australian stores! As such, these lovely beanbag fabrics and stretch wraps are now in stock and ready to ship from all 3 stores (USA, UK and Australia)!

Below is a photo showing a macro view of the jersey fabric. The back 'purl' side of the fabric is shown here and this is the side I recommend using as it has very little to no texture. Using this side, you will have beautiful smooth fabric and lovely seamless backgrounds in your photos, especially at f2.0 and below (below photo was shot at f4.0).

beanbag fabric for newborn photography

For those still wondering about the Beanbag Stand I'm developing (anyone, anyone? lol) well... there is a new prototype in the works which I am hoping to see in the next few weeks, but that's all the details I have at this stage. What a long labour (of love) this one has been! Hopefully it will be worth it!

Til next time,


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