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Posing Pillows 8 Pack (AU)

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No need to wash! To clean, simply run some antibacterial wipes over our posing pillows after each session.

Perfect in their size and shape, the SHOOT BABY! Posing Pillow Set contains 8 unfilled pillows which can be used to elevate or support different areas of baby for a variety of poses. The sizes are as follows:

1 x Large 
1 x Medium
2 x Small
4 x Extra Small 

The pillows can be used for natural posing or for more styled positions (bum up, side lying, froggy, wrapped up, womb pose, head on hands, taco, etc). The edges of these pillows are smooth and gradual which means they 'blend' into your beanbag, creating a seamless posing surface.

The SHOOT BABY! Posing Pillows can also be used in baskets, bowls, buckets, etc and because you choose the filling, the pillows can be used both for positioning baby and/or weighing down/stabilising props.

For a heavy-weight pillow fill with rice. Medium Grain White Rice is best because it's cheap and has smooth, rounded ends. For a light-weight pillow fill with polystyrene beans. For medium-weight pillows, use a combination of rice and polystyrene beans.

Care Info Wipe clean with damp cloth or wet wipes
 Uses Beanbag Posing, Prop Posing, Prop Weights