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Wall Display Kit (AU)

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Digital Product. Requires Photoshop CS5 or later.

The old saying 'clients have to see it, to buy it' is so true and the SHOOT BABY! Wall Display Kit helps you do just that! 

Selling wall art can be such a confusing and difficult thing to do (trust me, I've been there)! But when you get it right and make the process simple for yourself and your client, the experience of seeing your work beautifully framed and hung is so satisfying (and profitable if your prices are right)! Providing a pleasurable wall art experience for your clients will also set you apart from other photographers in the market.

I was inspired to create this kit after an experience I had with one of my clients many years ago. My client ordered a large framed image (that was rather expensive) but after receiving it, she decided it was too large for her wall. She felt bad because she didn't want it but had spent so much, and I felt like I didn't provide enough information about what the framed print would look like and how much room it would take up on her wall. 

With this kit, everything is scaled to real life proportions and you will know how much space the wall collage will take up. There are 55 gorgeous wall backgrounds to use along with 2" wide photo frames (black and white) in all the common sizes, with various matt widths to choose from. There are also canvas templates in all the common sizes as canvas is a popular choice amongst clients too. 

Included with the kit is a full instruction manual about how to use the kit (don't worry it's actually very easy) with some very useful bonus ideas and tips included as well! 

Save even more time by saving your favourite wall collages as 'templates' to use over and over again, rather than creating each collage from scratch!